50 Nuances d'été-Cape Cod Vacation

I am back, after some much-needed relaxation. For the past couple of weeks, we headed down to Cape Cod for some beach time, sun time and best of all, family time. This annual trip has now become a family tradition. We are lucky to have cousins on the Cape who are generous enough to welcome us into their homes for our summer vacation. Although we see them only a couple of times a year, we share a very close bond with our American family. My sister's gang, mom, and aunt were also part of the fun. 

With no access to wi-fi in the house, it was nice to disconnect from technology for a couple weeks. Unfortunately, this meant that I had to skip on week 8 of the 59 shades of summer project.

The kids were quick to make their bucket list of must-do activities for their vacation. Topping it off was a trip to the Sesuit Harbor Cafe. This place is a no frill, bring your own wine seafood joint with amazing lobster rolls, clam chowder and fish and chips. With views overlooking a small harbor, we eat outside, on mismatched picnic tables and watch the boats come in at sunset. Walking on the beach after dinner, I snapped a few pics of the gang having fun. I was able to check off one of my bucket list items, which was snapping pics during the blue hour. 

Posted a few more pics than usual, even though I have not had time to go through the more 1000 pics I took on the trip. They are not all post-worthy, but they do capture the wonderful times we shared.

Now please go visit the very talented Annick's post, who reminds us that it is important to immortalize the precious moments we have with our parents. Have a great week!