50 Nuances d'été-Christmas in August

I'm sure no one wants to think about it right now, but let's face it, Christmas can be kind of hectic. Trying to visit all of the extended families that are in our lives can be exhausting. Since we never seemed to be able to fit it all in, a family tradition was started a few years ago to celebrate our Christmas in August with my dad's siblings. Some pool fun, BBQ and a few holiday decorations, and it's a party! 

The kids had a blast with a "cannonball" competition in the pool and were spoiled with too much candy. However, the highlight of the day was by far the bubbles! 

It was a great day, and mother nature decided to hold off on the rain until the very end. Considering that the weather forecast had been showers all day, we really lucked out!

Finally, I leave you with a picture I took that day, which I simply had to share. It was a sad week, with a number of events making us wonder what is happening in the world we live in. This is why I wanted to share a little bit love with all of you. In these uncertain times, let's remember to appreciate what we have, especially our families and loved ones. 

LOVE- My beautiful niece

LOVE- My beautiful niece

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