50 Nuances d'été- Macro Flowers

What better way to get you to get your website and blog updated than to take part in a summer project? 50 nuances d'été, or 50 shades of summer is a blog circle of talented Quebec photographers. Every week I will publish 4 new photos and link to the blog of one of these talented ladies.

For me, summer is about colour. After an long dreary winter and  the never ending rain of spring,  I may have gone a bit overboard at the garden centre, trying to bring the sunshine in. Dahlias, roses and other colourful blooms have invaded my 9X12 foot patio. My boyfriend has baptized my patio "the forest", and I have to admit that I did not leave much room for our brand new bbq.

In addition to brightening my small corner of outdoor space, these flowers have also provided plenty of subject matter for my macro therapy. Capturing all of these bright hues with my 100mm is a great way to force myself to stop and smell the roses from time to time!


Please go visit the talented Geneviève Guérin's site to see her take on this first week of 50 shades of summer!