50 Nuances d'été- Slip 'n slide

We have been wanting to move into a house for a while now. We have outgrown our 2 bedroom condo, and hope to move in the near future. In the meantime, we are enjoying the advantages of being where we are,  such having some really great neighbours and sharing the green space around the building with them. 

After Siena's Dance camp ended on Friday, she wanted to cool off. We took advantage of a break in the weather, and out came the Slip 'n Slide! Let me tell you that the sliding carpet is the best $20 I ever spent. Siena has a blast sliding and splashing around, and most of the time, the neighbours kids join in. We finished the day with a picnic supper on the lawn. I don't have to tell you that the dream fairy came to visit pretty quickly that night!

Now go visit Karine's blog, and see what a great time she and her family are having at the lake this summer. Don't forget to visit all of the participating photographer's posts for the 50 shades of summer project. Have a great week!