50 Nuances d'été- Summer means Fun!

My daughter's school year is over and she is now officially on her first summer vacation. Which means the fun has begun!

The few days of vacation have made me reminisce on my childhood and the fun we always had during the summer. Life was carefree, days were long yet time seemed to fly by. It's only been a few days, but I think so far we are off to a good start if I gauge the smiles I see on my daughter's face in this last week of pics!

School ended on Thursday. Siena's energy seemed to increase as the day went on. She forgot how tired she was (a few nights of fitful sleep this week) and was giddy with happiness. Don't get me wrong, she loves school, but the thought of playing all day was just too exciting.

In the school yard, we snapped a few pics to celebrate the start of summer vacation!

Since school finished early on Thursday, we made a trip to the dollar store, which turned out to be quite fruitful. We bought some projects for rainy days, and found these ribbon streamers: definitely a huge hit!

Since we live so close to a park, we spend quite a bit of time there. It's especially fun when she happens to meet some friends. When there are not friends around, Siena loves getting pushed on the swing, seeing how high she can go!

It seems that rules are always meant to be broken a little during the summer. If mom says you can jump in the puddle, you go for it! Give kids even the smallest amount of water, and they can have fun for hours. 

Well, summer has just begun; 11 more weeks of fun to go! We'll do our best to fill these days with the biggest smiles. My goal is to try to capture as many of them with my camera as I can!

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