50 Nuances d'été- Cloudy day activities

As I sorted through this week's pictures, one common factor was very apparent: cloudy skies. Far from letting the grey weather stop us, we went on with our summer activities and had a blast doing them.

My big girl finally overcame her fear of riding her bike without the training wheels. The fact that the neighbours (one who happens to be younger than her!) had learned how to do this week was definitely a huge motivation! With a 5 and a 7 year old cheering her on (and giving her plenty of advice), she managed to ditch the training wheels forever.

Since I had 2 days off this week, my niece and nephew came for a sleepover. My daughter was simply ecstatic to spend time with her cousins. So off we went strawberry picking on Thursday morning. The kids had a blast, even if the youngest ones strawberry picking skills may need some improvement!

The day ended with a game of ultimate freesbie. Although Siena is not on my niece and nephew's team, she had tons fun learning the sport, despite the rain!

Overall, it was a busy week, despite the lousy weather! Now please check out the talented Karine's post for week 4 of 50 shades of summer. Then continue clicking through each post to complete the blog circle and visit all of the participating photographer's sites.